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Bill Van Tholen 

(‘Billy V’)

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Self-proclaimed “local legend”. Best known for his former band Sigil Of Baphomet. Bill has appeared in a couple short films by C&C productions, multiple short films by Green Lion Studios and appeared in numerous episodes of “Johnny’s Dumba$$ Podcast”

Johnny Perkins 

(‘Rocco’, Director, Executive Producer)

Producer, director, cinematographer, editor, photographer, and actor. Johnny graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in film and video. His dream is to create a full functioning studio in Chicago that would rival Hollywood, that is what Green Lion Studios will soon become.

Josh Aldis 

(‘The A’, Writer, Producer)

Josh was born in Chicago where he also attended school at Columbia College Chicago. It was there that Josh learned that the world will always need stories and thus will require a steady appetite of story tellers. Josh is just that, as he greatly exaggerates his personal experiences to entertain whomever cares to listen, and if you are one who cares to listen, then he thanks you.

Jules Reid 


Jules grew up in Iowa, graduated from the University of Kansas, and currently lives in Chicago. In addition to playing Beth in Hits, Jules recently filmed lead and supporting roles in several short films (coming soon to a youtube near you!). She is currently taking acting and improv classes at Second City.

Jonathan Peletis 

(‘Pinky’, Production Manager)

JP is currently the afternoon drive host for classic rock radio station, 103.9 The Fox. He’s also handled interactive marketing for several syndicated radio shows, as well being a producer and camera operator for JBTV. JP enjoys writing, gaming, and all things of a nerdery nature.

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