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In a society where money and power are the main measurements of success, the professional removal of people of interest is a lucrative business.  The professional hitmen at Pinky Sweeps know this all too well.  However, like any workplace environment, rivalries will ensue.  The overachievers and underachievers look to separate themselves from each other in a line of work that blurs morality as well as their social lives.  There’s Rocco, a socially awkward man who is more comfortable killing you with the handle of his gun than having a couple of beers with you.  The A, a selfish jerk who cares only about the green in his wallet and how to get things done by spending as little of it as possible.  One of the rookies, Billy V, is lazy, offensive, overly opinionated, and is only in it for a rockstar lifestyle, but is more than capable of ignoring what few morals he possesses to get the job done.  Rounding out the core of Pinky Sweeps we have Beth, a sassy and driven woman who is looking to make a name for herself in the business while breaking down the typical stereotypes that women have to face while being professional “hit people”.  These individuals work under Pinky, the man who runs an assassination company fronting as a chimney sweeping business called Pinky Sweeps.  Whether it’s tying up loose ends, removing unwanted competition, or some other unsavory task, if you’re willing to pay, the men and women of Pinky Sweeps deem it necessary.  Join them on their (mis)adventures through the dark alleys of society in Hits.

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